martes, 12 de mayo de 2020

Lockdown: the inside travel time

 It is official: the Coronavirus changed the world! Unpredictable and unprecedented, some adjectives to describe the current situation. The entire world is locked down, and social life won’t be as usual. 

How will the travel and tourist field be after COVID19? Most of the flights are canceled and the majority of the airline companies are broke and declared bankrupt. So, in my personal opinion, I consider that the local trips will increase, much more than the international ones. Definitely, humankind won’t stop in one place. For years we have been nomads! So in the short term the travels will be around your own city and region. It will be like meeting again and feeling your city! The city that you used to live in but you didn’t pay attention to because you were too busy to see all the wonder. 

I will promise, my friend! After this pause, you will see your neighborhood with different eyes and you will be surprised at all the precious things that you didn’t pay attention to. For example, I just moved to a green area near the sea and far away from the pollution and chaos of Barcelona city, and thanks to that I can appreciate how marvellous nature is. Usually I take a long walk with the dog of my roommates and while he smells everything from a flower to another dog's turds! I am delighted with the flowers and birds, all of them so different so unique. I am grateful for this forced stop time, because we used to live like cars, that is to say, with the headlights on and driving in automatic pilot mode. 

I had three flight trips cancelled, and of course I am mad about that; however, I am determined to walk more around my neighborhood and be positive about the consequences. And as Charlotte Bronte said: “If we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome”. So welcome to uncertainty!

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